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The Top Sites To Get Free BitCoins


  1. 1. BitStarz :

Step 1: Creating a BitStarz Account

Creating an account is very simple.

  1. You just need to visit this bitcoin website and on the top left, enter a few details like your email id, the username you want to be displayed, select a currency and set up a password.
  2. Click on sign up and a verification link will be mailed to you.
  3. Once you verify your email, your Bitstarz account will be active, and you are ready to go.
  4. Make sure you provide a valid and functional email id, because, without that, you will not be able to register, nor recover your account in case you forget your password.
  5. You will need to use the same email ID as long as you play on Bitstarz, and only one account is allowed per user/IP/Computer/Household.


Step 2: How do I get Bitcoins?

You can earn bitcoins by playing and winning any of the games on our website. Remember, you can only play if you are above the age of 18 and the laws of your country allow you to do do. To get started, you first need to purchase bitcoins, without sufficient bitcoin funds, you will not be able to participate in the games.

  1. If you already have a bitcoin account, login to your Bitstarz account and select EUR under deposit.
  2. An address will be provided, to which you need to send your bitcoins which are then converted into Euros on your Bitstarz account.
  3. If you have a cubits account you can also use that to make the payment to top up your Bitstarz account.
  4. When you make your first deposit, you also get a bonus of up to 1 BTC. You also get 180 free spins on Boomanji, FruitZen or StarBurst. The second and third deposits will again get you a 50% bonus of up to 1BTC and 2 BTC respectively.
  5. Every Monday you also get a free reload bonus of 50% and up to 80 free spins every Wednesday.
  6. Now you can select a game of your choice and start playing. Choose from our wide range of slot games, Jackpots, Table Games and Casino games. Place your bets, start the game and have fun.
  7. As a Sign Up bonus, you also get 20 free spins, without even making a deposit.
  8. You need to accumulate 0.001 BTC in your account before you can make withdrawals.
  9. BTC players are required to have played through 3 games before they can make a withdrawal.
  10. You can also make use of the promotions from time to time. To check the ongoing promotions you can go to the Top-Promotions link.


  1. 2. Moon BitCoin

Moon Bitcoin is a free bitcoin faucet and probably the best bitcoin faucet. You can increase your pay-outs without even having to visit the site. Let’s see how we can sign up for this site and start making free bitcoin:

Step 1: Signing up for an account:

Getting started with Moon Bitcoin is very simple.

  1. If you are using a Xapo account and are looking for immediate payments you just need to enter your email address linked to your Xapo account, to sign up.
  2. If you don’t have a Xapo wallet, you just need to enter your email id and Moon Bitcoin will create one for you when you make your first claim. When you make your first claim, Xapo sends you an email notifying you of the claim, and you must confirm the same by clicking on the link to complete the set-up of your online wallet.
  3. If you want direct weekly payouts, then all you need to so is enter your bitcoin wallet address. Payments are made every Saturday/ Sunday into your online bitcoin wallet, once the balance has reached 10000 Satoshis.
  4. No registration is required at all.


Step 2: How to get Bitcoins with MoonBit?

There are several ways to earn bitcoins using Moon Bitcoin without even putting in much of an effort.

  1. Every 5 minutes our Moon bit account is credited with 100 satoshis. You do not even need to visit the website every 5 minutes. All you need is to have an account. They keep on accumulating at the rate of 100 satoshis every 5 mins.
  2. Once you have reached a threshold of 5500 satoshis, you can claim your amount.
  3. Loyalty Bonus: If you log on to the site and claim bitcoins at least once a day, you get an additional 1% loyalty bonus on every claim.
  4. Referral Bonus: For every user you refer, a percentage point gets added, for example, 10 referrals = +10% on each Bitcoin claim. You can get 50% of the claims amounts of the users you refer.
  5. Mystery Bonus: Like the name says, no one has really been able to figure out how the mystery bonus gets added, So far, it seems like a random percentage of the claim amount, that seems to be getting added to your account.


1.3 Freebitco

FreeBitco is a bitcoin faucet to earn free bitcoins by playing games of chance. This is hands down a top earning website. With many ways to egt free bitcoin.

Step 1: How to register with FreeBitco?

Registration with FreeBitcon is very simple.

  1. One you log on to the site, on the top right side you will see the space for registration
  2. All you have to do is enter a valid email address, set up a password and enter your Bitcoin address.
  3. You then need to enter a captcha, proving you are not a robot and Voila! You are signed up.
  4. If you do not have a Bitcoin address, a link is also provided just below the space where you need to enter the bitcoin address; just click on the link and follow the instructions to create your bitcoin address.
  5. Remember, you cannot input a fake bitcoin address because the system can detect it and your registration will be incomplete. You may use a temporary bitcoin address and change it later in your account dashboard.
  6. Please use a valid email id to complete the registration process.
  7. An email id once given cannot be changed further.


Step 2: How to get Bitcoins with Freebitco?

FreeBitco offers three games: Free BTC, Multiply BTC and Lottery. Payments are released every Sunday when you have accumulated 25000 satoshis.

  1. Free BTC: It is a game of chance, a little different from regular bitcoin games. You can get free bitcoins which can later be used to play big games. You can play the hourly rolls to win up to 200 USD sometimes, and you automatically get two lottery tickets for every roll you play.
  2. Multiply BTC: This is a Hi-Lo game.
  • You either ‘Bet Hi’ or ‘Bet Lo.’ The design of this game is similar to a dice game, except that the numbers that will serve as a basis for your win or loss can be determined.
  • The default payout is set at 2.00.
  • If you ‘Bet hi,’ you win when the result is greater than 5250
  • If you ‘Bet lo,’ you win when the result is lesser than 4750
  • The default payout value can be changed, but it will also change the basis number for your win.
  • The maximum profit this game offers is 40 BTC.
  1. Lottery: The prizes in this are relatively big, and the lottery is drawn on a weekly basis. There are 10 prizes which will be indicated on the site and keep changing from time to time depending upon the value of the bitcoin. The highest prize is 200 USD.

You can also earn free bitcoin, when you invite more members. If your referral wins, you can get 50% commission on his earnings.


  1. 4. Betchain

Betchain started in 2014, about the same time the Bitcoin market was trying to establish ground and is one of the pioneers bitcoin site.

Step 1: Getting Started with Betchain

  1. On the top right corner of the website, you will see the yellow sign up button. Click on it to get started.
  2. Enter a valid email address, create and confirm your password to be used for your betchain account.
  3. An email with a verification link will be sent to the email id you have entered. Once you click on it and verify, you will automatically be redirected to the betchain website and where you can start playing.


Step 2: How to earn Bitcoins?

Several game providers offer hundreds of games to choose from. You can also search for the game based on the category or the game provider.

  1. There is no minimum deposit, you can fund your account the way you want.
  2. Betchain offers several games including Blackjack, Roulette, Card games, Poker games. There are also some new 3D slots with multiplayer options.
  3. You can also find some rare bitcoin casino games like Horse racing, minesweeper, and craps among others.
  4. New players get a 100% match deposit bonus which can go up to $100 or 1 BTC with extra 50 spins. You can also make use of the weekly bonuses every Friday which gives you 50 free spins and other special bonuses available on the promotions page.
  5. There is also a bonus of up to 4 BTC on high rollers.
  6. There are several payment options including Cubits, Mastercard, Visa, and Skrill.


Special Features:

  • Betchain has also introduced a mobile gaming platform to extend the services to gamers on the road.
  • Betchain accepts gamblers worldwide and is also available in several language options.
  • It also offers a VIP club with personal account managers, secret privileges and personal bonuses giving the VIPs a 5-star boutique treatment.

How do you buy Bitcoins?

Here is a complete guide on how to buy bitcoins online and everything else you need to know about dealing in bitcoins. Outside your wallet, additional options are provided by Bitcoin.com for exchanging bit coins and live updates on value. You may still think how do you buy bitcoins exactly. In this tutorial, we explain everything in detail with different ways to buy bitcoins.

As a first time user, you need to know that transactions involving bitcoins are quite different from those at banks. Bitcoins corresponding to a specific address and transactions are carried out using a private key registered on the user’s hardware. Like a wallet that is used to carry hard currency, similarly wallets or online bitcoin wallets carry the information necessary to transact bitcoins. Several bitcoin websites are available to educate you in various aspects of bitcoin. Here are the best wallets for bitcoins:


It is used for buying bitcoins in the US, Canada, Europe, and Singapore. If you are wondering how do I buy bitcoins log on to Coinbase to have all your questions answered. Once you have completed all the required steps you can buy bit coins as well as sell them. Coinbase is probably the best way to buy bitcoins. It is also the easiest way to buy bitcoin. Its just like PayPal, only better.

Signing Up with Coinbase:

Getting started with coin base isn’t complicated at all. All you have to do I enter your first name, your last name, your valid email address and create a password that you want to use for this website. If you are signing up using a reference, both you and your referrer get a sign-up bonus of $10.

Coinbase is now also available as a mobile app. Using coin base you can buy bitcoin and also sell the same.

How to buy Bitcoin with Coinbase:

  • Buy Bitcoin Online using a Web Browser:
  1. If you are using a PC, go the buys page of the coin base website
  2. Enter the amount that you want to buy in BTC
  3. Select a wallet to deposit your funds
  4. Select the desired payment method which is convenient for you including bank transfer, credit cards, wired transfer, etc.
  5. Make sure the order is correct and confirm by clicking on buy bitcoin
  • Buy bitcoins online using your iOS or Android Phone:
  1. Open the Navbar by tapping the menu option on the top left of the screen.
  2. Select Buy
  3. Enter the amount that you want to buy in BTC
  4. Select a wallet to deposit your funds
  5. Select a desired payment method which is convenient for you; you can also link your bank account or use PayPal.
  6. Review your order and click on but bitcoin to complete the transaction.



Peer-to-peer trading requires a lot of skill and patience since the seller will need to process each trade manually. xCoins has addressed this problem by creating a one of a kind automated system, which allows investors to make money with bitcoin completely hands-free. It’s just like an exchange, but better.

Signing up with Xcoin:

Joining Xcoin is hassle free. Click on the sign up button on the top right corner of the website which takes you to the sign up page; you will need to enter your first name, your last name, and a valid email address which you want to use for a username, confirm the captcha and you are good to go. Of course like any other website you will need to verify your email address.

Buy a Bitcoin with Xcoin

If you are wondering how to get bitcoins fast, Xcoins is your answer. At Xcoin users can be lenders or borrowers. Here is how it works:

  1. A user needs to load his wallet with bitcoin and hit start.
  2. New users will, however, have limitations on withdrawal of bitcoins.
  3. The process is simple, when a borrower gives money to a lender, he gives bitcoins in exchange at a certain pre-determined exchange rate.
  4. Select the amount of bitcoin you need and make a payment directly to the lender via Paypal, Credit card or Debit card.
  5. XCoin will perform end user approval and also pre and post sale end user support.
  6. Upon notification of the payment, Xcoin will move the bitcoins from the lender’s wallet to the borrower’s wallet.
  7. Withdrawals are instant.



LakeBTC is a member of the Coindesk Bitcoin Price Index and meets the criteria for trading in Bitcoin dollar exchange.

Signup with LakeBTC

Creating an account with LakeBTC is like any other. You can register using your email address and creating a password for use on the website. However, this is not for the residents of USA.

There are also ways to earn free bitcoin in LakeBTC. It has a three-tier referral program. If you invite someone to join this site, you get 30% as a trading commission for the first tier, 10% for the second tier, and 5% for a tier-3 referral. With this tremendous referral program, this is probably one of the best ways to earn bitcoin fast.

How to make money with Bitcoin on LakeBTC:

  • LakeBTC’s merchant tools have made it possible for businesses and individuals to accept money. Individuals who want to buy with bitcoin just need to look for merchants who accept bitcoin on the local directory and proceed with their shopping.
  • If you are still thinking what can I buy with bitcoin, you can avail any of the goods and services that merchants dealing in bitcoins have to offer.

Buy Bitcoins:

LakeBTC is probably the best place to buy bitcoin because of its anti-money laundering policy.

  • You need to fund your wallet, by clicking on the deposit tab
  • Select a desired currency and payment method
  • Once your deposit is accepted by LakeBanker, you will receive a notification
  • Follow the instructions and send the payment.
  • Once your account is funded, place a bid to buy coins, by clicking on the trade menu to select the desired market.
  • Your order will be matched against other orders to execute the funding of BTC balance in your account which you can withdraw or use to make payments, which solves your question on how to use bitcoin.


Earn free bitcoins by completing tasks on websites

There are also many free bitcoin sites like Freedigitalmoney, Coinworker, Bitfortip that offer free bitcoins just for visiting these sites, or watching videos or completing a certain task like answering questions. Some sites will also reward you in bitcoins when you make purchases in bitcoin. However, this is the first step in familiarizing yourselves with Bitcoin in general. You shouldn’t be expecting that you are going to reap huge incomes out of these. This way of earning is more suitable when you have time to kill.


Get free bitcoins fast with Faucets:

You can also earn bitcoin online using various bitcoin faucet. Faucets for bitcoins let you get a small amount of cryptocurrency in particular time spans. Here are some of the best bitcoin faucets for you: Bitcoinaliens, BonusBitcoin, BitcoinZebra, and Milli. There are also some free bitcoin faucets like Moonbitcoin, which will give you a Satoshi i.e., a hundredth of a millionth of 1 Bitcoin for completing a task given on the website. Freebitco is another site which lets you claim free Bitcoin every hour! As mentioned in our top website list, these two are good investments.

What is Bitcoin?

Again, Bitcoin is a virtual currency which has started to gain popularity as a payment method. Invented by an unidentified programmer, it was released as an open source software in 2009. It is relatively new and still in its experimental stage.

It is based on a peer-to-peer network with transactions taking place directly between users without the involvement of a bank. The unit of the bitcoin account system is Bitcoin and is represented by the symbols BTC or XBT. The question might occur to you, what is a bitcoin worth. A bitcoin is equal to 778 dollars.This is important to remember through each step, especially these last ones.

This is important to remember through each step, especially these last ones! And remember to keep your wallets addresses ready for the next few steps!


Things you need to know about Bitcoin

As a first time user, you need to know that transactions involving bitcoins are quite different from those at banks. Bitcoins corresponding to a specific address and transactions are carried out using a private key registered on the user’s hardware. Like a wallet that is used to carry hard currency, similarly wallets or digital wallets are carry the information necessary to transact bitcoins.


 How to get bitcoins for free:?

Getting something for free always sounds good, and if you are wondering how to get bitcoins free, here is what you need to know to get free bitcoins. In the world of bitcoin, everything is about demand and supply. The supply is limited to 21 million bitcoins, while the demand is ever growing, making the price of Bitcoin very competitive. What is a bitcoin worth? The current value of a bitcoin is 778 dollars. Due to such a high price of a bitcoin everyone wants it for free. Here are some ways to get free bitcoin:


  • Get Tipped

This is pretty much like receiving bitcoins in payments using a QR-code or from customers who have a bctip account which generates paper vouchers that have a certain value in bitcoins to tip you. This site is especially suited for restaurants who want to encourage their customer to tip in bitcoins.

The advantage is that you need not necessarily have a shop. You can display the QR-code with your address on your blog or a website too and people can tip you. The changeup is another service that allows you to integrate tips from various websites like YouTube, GitHub, and other social networking sites. Since tips are voluntary, you do not need to monitor the incoming payments and exact amounts.

Buying Free Bitcoins

We have already answered your question on where can I buy bitcoin, and by now you probably know the fastest way to buy bitcoin. You have also come to understand what you can buy with bitcoin. We have also looked at some tools where in you can earn bitcoins free. You know very well now how to use a bitcoin and your way forward to bitcoin buying.

You might still have a slight doubt on how to buy bitcoins with cash; well, Bitcoins can be obtained for cash from sites like Localbitcoins, BitQuick, and Wall of Coins and the sites which we have discussed also are helpful for the same.

But you should also know that bitcoin is a very volatile currency and the cost of bitcoin is never steady. As discussed, the price of a bitcoin keeps fluctuating due to its limited supply. There is one way though to generate new bitcoins, which is via mining. You can download a free bitcoin generator from Bitcoingeneratortool to utilize multiple free bitcoin mining pools which enable you to get BTC, free. Mining is like a bitcoin generator and best done by joining a pool. Use various faucets for BTC, keep a tab on bitcoin price, during trading, and maximize your earnings.


Alright, let’s move onto some more fun!

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